How to make your own Tru:Blood (True Blood)

a How-to for making your own bottles & mixed drinks for Tru:Blood. *****PLEASE do not message me here for the label file! My email is in the video! Sorry guys, I just don’t check my messages here that often and I often get people asking for them with no return address***** ATTENTION: I do not advocate underage drinking. This is simply a guide for anyone who IS of legal drinking age to follow to make their own drink for parties and such. I’m sure the drinks would taste just as good without the vodka if you wish to include underage fans in your parties. ^_^ Please note: I do not work for any of the companies mentioned in the video. I do not get paid by any of them for promotional purposes. I simply like their products. Tru:Blood, True Blood & logo property of HBO ( VAMP NRG, Dracula Supernatural Energy Drink & Vampyre Vodka property of TI Beverage Group Ltd. ( V8 V-Fusion juice property of Campbell’s. **Yes, I know they are now making an actual drink that will be available in September 2009. I made this video BEFORE they did. And I put the note on the video before the pre-order even started. I ordered 2 4-packs myself just seconds after they updated However, I am keeping this video up because this is a fan video for a mixed drink recipe. I really don’t see how I would be in competition with the actual product. Also, I offer the labels I made to anyone, in all 4 blood types. The Blood Orange soda is only available in type O.**


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24 Responses to How to make your own Tru:Blood (True Blood)

  1. TomasBloodfang says:

    type a: women or drinking before going to bed.
    type b: men or women who loves to open the morning a lil.. bit drunk and very hyperactive.
    type o: [me] men, women who just loves to rock it out all hous of the day!! m/

  2. tocold4you says:

    Loves it!

  3. stoked86 says:

    Unfortunately I’ve never seen True Blood (SAD!) but I-LOVE-THIS-IDEA!! yay!

  4. Zevchan says:

    @yuuki778899 Just look for “How to make Tru Blood – The non-alcoholic version” ^_^

  5. happygolucky8131 says:

    @laura199212098 ya, what a cunt 

  6. Fukuronnie says:

    Can you please send the labels to my email? Thanks! :)

  7. Fukuronnie says:

    What’s your email for the labels?

  8. ReticentRouge says:

    v-juice…ha ha i died laughing lol great job!

  9. Zevchan says:

    @laura199212098 Jesus fucking christ, please turn off caps lock and use punctuation in your comments! If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. Really, it’s not that hard.

  10. laura199212098 says:


  11. kazadeji says:

    That;s really cool, thanks :) 

  12. michaeljfreak says:

    @FiyahArmz36 it’s just soda in a novelty bottle.

  13. duder113 says:

    @michaeljfreak it’ supposed to be a potentially dangerous drink ;)

  14. laughorcrytv says:

    i made this and like it twice as much as the actual true blood drink they sell plus you can tweak it to how you like it eg add more vodka, whatever

  15. FiyahArmz36 says:

    Maybe you can just buy the real trublood? 

  16. ViolentJInsane62 says:

    they aint no vodka in this drink

  17. maiden5278 says:

    For some reason I can’t email you. My yahoo says Looks like one of them may not be formatted correctly. idk. Anyway, can you send me the file for the stickers please at Thanks

  18. petruccifan38 says:

    i’d bang this chick

  19. missjamie135 says:

    awww cool love it!!! I asked her to send me the labels, cant wait to do it 4 halloween!! Ill upload a vid!xx

  20. missjamie135 says:

    I cant find that vampire vodka anywhere?!?! are you sure its British?xx

  21. michaeljfreak says:

    Caffeine, taurine and alcohol is a potentially dangerous mix. Keep that in mind.

  22. TroutMaskReplicaa says:

    fucking freakssssssssssssssss

  23. crimsionclover says:

    sobe bottles?

  24. Marekitten59 says:

    This is cheaper then the real stuff on TruBoolds website,Thanks

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