How to make Four Loko Punch!

I show you how to make Four Loko Punch. This is a recipe I came up with :) I made it for a Halloween party and it was a hit! Try it and let me know how you like it :) Recipe: Cranberry Juice with Lime Four Loko (You choose your flavor) Arbor Mist (You choose your flavors) Mandarin Oranges in light syrup Dole tropical fruit in light syrup Tonic Water Vodka (Flavored and Regular) UV Pink Lemonade Boones Farm wine (You choose your flavors) Jug of fruit juice Frozen Strawberries slices of peaches in light syrup This recipe is just a base recipe you can add stuff and subtract stuff :) If you make it go ahead and leave it as a video response :)


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16 Responses to How to make Four Loko Punch!

  1. RichieVargas01 says:

    This looks so damn good too haha

  2. PillowPrincessFTW says:

    which is this weekend by the way lol

  3. PillowPrincessFTW says:

    I cannot wait to do this at my party!

  4. MikeTheGayBoy says:

    We approve of this! 

  5. PillowPrincessFTW says:

    This is awesome!

  6. myalcala says:

    looks yummy… =)

  7. Daisy3025 says:

    Gotta def. Try this!

  8. MGavina88 says:

    Will be using this and reusing this lol

  9. capricornsign22 says:

    will be using this…

  10. SelenaGarcia444 says:

    This looks delicious!

  11. fanniicooks says:

    @nwlifenwworld2 Woop woop glad you liked it girl <3

  12. fanniicooks says:

    @TroysKitchen :D Thanks!

  13. fanniicooks says:

    @editedfuckedup Glad you liked it!

  14. nwlifenwworld2 says:

    i was there too! guys this really was a great drink! so yummy! loved it. and ill be using this recipe in future parties! Thanx Fanni!! :)

  15. TroysKitchen says:

    Wow…….that seems like it would be really good……..and you used Vodka….Awesome! Good Job!

  16. editedfuckedup says:

    i was at this party and drank it… soooo good.

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